An End To The Bull

Go beyond technical analysis tools with this comprehensive look at trading analysis

In An End to the Bull, Norden suggests that total reliance on traditional technical analysis can lead to failure, and has ended in disappointment for many. The book offers up a unique approach for anyone looking to establish a sustainable trading career based on a combination of the most tried-and-true methods. While it focuses especially on trading in Australia, the book is a useful resource for international traders at all levels.

  • Explains why change is needed in trading analysis and presents a revolutionary approach used by successful professional traders
  • Shares the core techniques and strategies to build knowledge and establish a business-minded attitude
  • Discusses more advanced ideas crucial for all traders, including understanding volatility and the typical flaws of behavioral finance
  • Gives solid advice for traders anywhere in the world

An End to the Bull takes the mystery out of trading analysis and puts the power to navigating markets into the hands of readers.

Technical Analysis Exposed

Why most technical analysis traders lose 

Technical analysis is widely promoted to retail traders as an advanced and robust form of analysis. It is neither.

In this groundbreaking book, veteran professional trader Gary Norden outlines the unreliable reality of technical analysis and explains why most traders who use it lose money.

At times, brutally frank, this book will be seen as confronting and controversial to many in the retail trading world. Gary pulls no punches as he explores technical analysis from various angles.

Referencing dozens of studies into technical analysis, applying behavioural finance findings and real world scenarios, Gary comprehensively pulls apart both the assumptions and reliability of technical analysis. He also explains why retail traders can be fooled into thinking technical analysis is more reliable than it really is.

If you are a trader of any kind; if you are considering using technical analysis or if you use it and are wondering why it isn’t working for you then Technical Analysis Exposed is a must read book.