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Gary’s trading career has spanned more than three decades. From being given his first derivative trading book by a Japanese Investment bank at the age of just 18, Gary went on to become a senior trader at a number of Global Investment Banks including NatWest Markets and ING Markets. In the mid 1990s he also spent many years in the trading pits of LIFFE as a ‘local’ option market maker.


Gary has authored three books, Technical Analysis and the Active Trader and it’s updated version Technical Analysis Exposed and An End to the Bull.

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The Norden Method is an online trading education platform, launched by Gary Norden in September 2021. Its objective is to restore traditional market making techniques adapted for
modern electronic futures.

Hedge Fund Manager

Today Gary is co-Director of NN² Capital, a multi-strategy hedge fund and also consults to a range of financial markets related firms.

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